Insomnia, Depression and Anxiety

Depression and anxiety lie on a spectrum of mood disorders and are intricately related. Both interfere with sleep in a multitude of different ways.  One of the first signs of depression is deregulated sleep; both difficult falling and staying asleep, or sleeping far too much. Anxiety can also interfere with sleep and conduct to extreme states for weight gain (obesity) or weight loss (anorexia). Have you ever found yourself awake at night unable to stop worrying about stress in your life? Ruminating, instead of falling asleep, is a key symptom you should watch for if you think you are suffering from anxiety.

Many psychiatrists believe anxiety and depression are two sides of the same coin. Often people experience symptoms of both disorders, though often you can tend towards one or the other. Insomnia is a unifying symptom of both disorders, which can often be very debilitating. At times it can be difficult to distinguish the two from each other. Symptoms which could be confused with depression but which could be from anxiety include: not wanting to leave the house, feeling nervous, becoming easily irritated, and inability to sleep. Xanax can treat all of these symptoms safely and effectively

One of the best treatments for anxiety is Generic Xanax (also known as Alprazolam). It’s sedating, and can help you turn off the thoughts that are keeping you awake at night. These thoughts are preventing you from getting a restful night of sleep, and can contribute to you feeling tired and irritable throughout the day.  Generic Xanax functions on the central nervous system, on GABA receptors which suppress over active nerve impulses. By slowing down the central nervous system, A tranquil feeling emerges throughout the body, dissipating both the psychological and physiological symptoms of anxiety and depression, one of which is insomnia.

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